Welcome to botanics, a floral design store located in Birkenhead, Auckland

Founder Deb Mihaljevich was encouraged from a young age to tap into her creativity by a collective group of talented women. This ultimately influenced her pathway towards the creative industries.

First came fashion. Working for leading fashion designers both here and abroad laid the foundation for her love of colour, texture, shape and attention to detail. 


After meeting her husband while living and working in London, they embarked on extensive travel adventures before returning  to NZ to focus on raising a family. Keeping a hand in part-time roles within the fashion field she still had a yearning  to tap into floristry, perhaps a sense of returning to her roots. Both her Grandmothers were florists, one focused on fresh, the other in floral art using dried flowers as her medium. And so it began, training, experience and a passion to embark on her new found challenge, the world of flowers.

When asked what it is that she enjoys about the industry her answer is quite simple - 'The connections'.

Everything floral designers do involves connecting. 

Whether by creating, arranging, organising, communicating, visualising, interacting or installing. This industry connects an amazing variety of beautiful botanicals, people, their emotions, occasions and real life everyday situations. This is what inspires Deb and ultimately gives back a sense of achievement knowing that connections were made, visions shared and people have been helped along the way.

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